How It Works

Just $199 NO Monthly Fees
Buy your Data as you need it!

Only pay for what you use!

Cell Phone Data Providers have been selling us “unlimited data packages” that most just don’t need. Yet we pay for it every month… over and over again. That stops now!

Watch this short video to see how you can save money by only paying for the Data you use and get your code for $50 off !

Six reasons" go RV wireless" will save you time and money

Works on all Networks

Wherever you are your "Go RV Wireless" hotspot will use the strongest network available.

Only Pay for the Data You Use

No monthly fees just buy the data package that you need and when you run out you can easily order more.

Your Data Never Expires

Don't pay for data that expires at the end of each month. Your data only expires when you use it!

Share on Up to 10 Devices

Use up to 10 devices with your "Go RV Wireless" hotspot. Cell phones, tablets, computers, Internet ready TVs, and game systems

4G LTE Networks

The "Go RV Wireless" hotspot works on the 4G LTE networks. Your hotspot will find the strongest carrier wherever you are, to give you the fastest possible Internet.

Works in 137 Countries

Almost wherever you travel the "Go RV Wireless" hotspot will work for you in over 137 countries.

What Our Users Say...

I just love that I have no monthly bills. When I run out of Data I just buy more.

Dora Handle

When I am on the road I have 2 phones a laptop and a Tablet. They all just work!


I love to boondock, if there is cell service from anyone then I have internet

Tara Malnic

Going to Canada this year. For the first time no roaming fees, my hotspot will just work!

Mika Sumner

Why wait? Start Saving on Your RV internet TODAY!

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